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"Mosquito Lagoon's Only Dedicated Fly Fishing Guide Service"
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Mosquito Lagoon

Fly Fishing Charters

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The Mosquito Lagoon has long been known as the "Redfish Capital of the World." Located approximately 45 minutes from the hustle and bustle of Orlando, FL, the Mosquito Lagoon is a National Wildlife Refuge with endless sight fishing opportunities. 


Current Outdoors is the Mosquito Lagoon's only dedicated fly fishing guide service. Clients will be poled(no trolling motor) across seagrass flats and mangrove shorelines to tailing, waking and belly crawling redfish. Sea Trout, tarpon, black drum and the occasional snook will also be targeted. 

Mosquito Lagoon is populated by a genetically unique redfish which spends the entirety of its life within the lagoon. This allows for a chance to cast at 30+ lb. redfish in less than 2 feet of water. Due to these circumstances, Current Outdoors strictly practices catch, photo and release on all species of fish inhabiting the lagoon. Along our journey, manatees, dolphin, alligators and a plethora of bird specie will also be seen. 

Collaboratively, Gary and Avery share over 30 years of Mosquito Lagoon fishing knowledge. Their laid back demeanor will surely have you comfortable when the time comes to put a cast on the dinner plate to a redfish with its back out of the water.


Full Day(6 Hours) - $550
We offer a 10% discount for multiple day bookings.
Includes (2) anglers - Call for 3+ angler rates.
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Current Outdoors offers hosted trips domestically and internationally. Give us a call today to check on upcoming trips and availability. Want us to host a trip for your friends and family? Call us today and let's set something up. Discounted rates to lodges across the world available!

When you turn the corner and it looks fi

Avery Gillett

Fishing is a life long adventure, for some their adventure last longer than others, for others it’s eternal. Recently, I decided to transform my passion for fishing into my life and career. I was a criminal justice major at UCF with a great job and a bright future for success; however, something was always eating away at me. I found myself constantly focusing on the next time I would smell salt air and see a redfish tailing next to an island full of sunbaked sea grass. I realized I was at a crossroad in my life, and I could either make that daydream my escape, or my reality. I decided to choose the road less travelled, and together with my brother; Current Fishing emerged. Fishing has been my escape since I was young. I remember begging my mom to take me to the bait and tackle store to buy lures that I just learned about on TV, and after catching a few fish on the new baits I would brag to the neighborhood kids and teach them my newfound skills. As I got older and fished more frequently with my dad and brother, we continued to grow our skills and learned together how to have successful days on the water. We began to tie our own flies and build our own rods that were specialized for mosquito lagoon.  My Sophomore year I began working at Mud Hole Custom Tackle. The summer after I graduated high school, I decided to attend sea school and get my captains license. Around the same time I also started college. After three years of sitting through lectures and feeling completely disconnected, I realized what I think i've always known. I belonged on the water, not in a classroom or in an office. I began my adventure and to fill the first few pages of my life’s story. I don’t know where my story ends, but I know that so far the scenery is filled with that salt air and redfish tailing next to an island of sunbaked sea grass.

Gary Gillett

As a Florida Native, Gary has been hunting and fishing Central Florida waters for over 25 years. Fly fishing strictly for over 15 years, Gary has a devout passion for showing others the fly fishing mecca called Mosquito Lagoon. As a bird nerd, eco-geek, surfer, fly fisherman and duck hunter, Gary reaps all of the benefits the National Seashore has to offer. With a jovial carefree attitude, you'll find it a challenge to frustrate him from the bow. With many years as a baseball instructor, Gary values the art of instruction and teaching. "I want my clients to not only walk away with a red fish release, but I want them to walk away a better angler."

Hosted Trips
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